Miscellaneous Docs I've Collected About Programming

2d/3d Graphics, Game FAQs
2_3.zip 71 2/3 Projection like in RPG games similar to War Craft and Age of Empires games (in Russian).
3dbasics.zip 188 Basics of 3d. Docs in RTF format. (Originally in English plus Russian translation of passages).
3dprog523.zip 10 A FAQ on 3d programming.
abrash_ps.zip 380 Abrash's gfx column (postscript).
abrash_txt.zip 399 Abrash's gfx column.
brescirc.zip 3 Drawing circles and ellipses using Bresenham's algorithms (Pascal+Asm mixed sources).
dd3dr2.zip 99 demo.design 3D programming FAQ, release 2 (plain text (in Russian), with examples).
dd3dr2h.zip 187 demo.design 3D programming FAQ, release 2 (HTML (in Russian)).
game_faq.zip 218 Game programming FAQ. Docs in RTF format. (Originally in English plus Russian translation of passages).
gametech.zip 848 GameTech by John DiCamillo - very cool site that explains 3d graphics pipeline. There are a lot of trics and tips explained plus some nice screenshots are provided for illustrative purposes. I doubt it's a site for beginners, but I think you should know much more than just basics of 3d.
gems1.zip 96 Source code related to the book "Graphics Gems" (editor, Andrew S. Glassner).
gems2.zip 97 Source code related to the book "Graphics Gems" (editor, Andrew S. Glassner).
gems3.zip 122 Source code related to the book "Graphics Gems" (editor, Andrew S. Glassner).
gems4.zip 333 Source code related to the book "Graphics Gems" (editor, Andrew S. Glassner).
gems5.zip 267 Source code related to the book "Graphics Gems" (editor, Andrew S. Glassner).
misc.zip 57 Some docs on shading, lighting, z/s-buffering.
otmmatx.zip 14 Matrix transformation tutorial.
raycast.zip 643 The ray-casting conception explained in a great deal by F.Permadi.
texture.zip 42 An old thread on texturemapping from news:rec.games.programmer.
trainer.zip 310 Asphixya VGA Trainers by Denthor - 2d/3d gfx tutorials in Pascal and Assembly (well-documented). It's simply the best for a beginner.
ttka3ddo.zip 16 More about shading, z-buffer and textures.
zed.zip 633 Zed3D. A compact reference for 3d computer graphics programming by Sebastien Loisel.

3d Studio Related Docs
3ds.zip 3 3d Studio file format.
3dsinfo.zip 7 Yet another doc.

abel.zip 274 IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming by Peter Abel (in Russian).

Advanced MS-DOS Programming
adv_dos.zip 312 The Microsoft(R) Guide for Assembly Language and C Programmers by Ray Duncan.

Archivators / Data Compression
arc_tool.zip 22 Data compression algorithms of LARC and LHarc by Haruhiko Okumura. Sample programs in C are included.
arithm.zip 22 Arithmetical encoding (in Russian).
crc.zip 27 A painless guide to CRC error detection algorithms.
iocompress.zip 30 Input/Output with Embedded Data Compression - Diploma Paper (in Russian). Sample program is included.
lzhdemo.zip 6 A unit and a sample program for LZH compression with Borland/Turbo Pascal.
lzss.zip 7 A unit and a sample program for LZSS compression with Borland/Turbo Pascal.
modeling.zip 58 Modeling for Text Compression. The doc is translated to Russian but still has original author names and referencies in English.
splay.zip 22 Application of Splay Trees to Data Compression. The doc is translated to Russian but still has original author names and referencies in English.

Assemblers' docs (MASM, TASM, etc.)
asmdos1.zip 75 MASM reference (in Russian)
asmnort.zip 287 The assembly language database by Norton. Now includes TSR viewer and database on CPU, FPU and MMX instructions.
masm.zip 565 Yet another good programmer's reference on MASM (in Russian).
masm51.zip 173 Programmer's reference on MASM 5.1 (instruction set, interrupts, examples).
masmref.zip 132 Programming in MASM for MS-DOS (in Russian). Very good doc.
tasm3x.zip 232 TASM 3.0 reference (in Russian).
guadalajara.zip 31 Intro to Assembler, Assembler tutorial by Hugo Perez Perez.
gga.zip 69 Gavins' guide to x86 Assembly Language.
techhelp.zip 695 Tech Help 6.0 -- Reference Book on BIOS, DOS and related things (interrupts, data structures and much more).

bradley1.zip 365 David Bradley's book on programming (in Russian).
bradley2.zip 233 Yet another edition of the book (in Russian).

C/C++ Related Documentation
c_borland.zip 533 Turbo C/C++ documentation (in Russian).
c_k_r.zip 178 The C language by Kernighan and Ritchie (in Russian).
c_prof.zip 189 C for Professional Programmers by Herbert Shildt (in Russian).
diff_c.zip 36 Different editions od the C language and their differencies to Kernighan &Ritchie C (in Russian).
msc_lib.zip 96 Microsoft C compiler for DOS libraries (in Russian).
tc.zip 168 Technique of programming in C by A. Stivens (in Russian).
tc1.zip 54 Turbo C - docs on compiler and language (in Russian).
tc2.zip 316 Turbo C 2.0 user's manual (in Russian).
cpp.zip 174 C++ tour (in Russian).
tcpp.zip 217 Yet another good book on C++ (in Russian).
tcpp_lib.zip 228 Turbo C++ library reference (in Russian).
tcpp_pg.zip 247 Turbo C++ 1.0 programmer's guide (in Russian).
tvcpp.zip 316 Turbo Vision for Turbo C manual (in Russain).
tvcppref.zip 526 Interactive Turbo Vision for Turbo C reference (in Russian).
tvdd.zip 266 Turbo Vision Dialog Design for Turbo Pascal and Borland C.

CD-ROM Related Docs
cd_docs.zip 14 A few docs about accessing CD-ROM under MS-DOS.
cd_pascal.zip 8 A few units for Borland/Turbo Pascal providing access to CD-ROM under MS-DOS.
cdtsr.zip 10 Resident CD-audio player for DOS with ASM source.
mscdex.zip 59 MSCDEX specs.

zd86_101.zip 98 ZD86 - 8086 debugger.

DOS Referencies, etc
dosref.zip 145 Programmer's technical reference for MSDOS and the IBM PC by Dave Williams.
msdosref.zip 638 MSDOS programmer's reference (in Russian).
tsr.zip 87 TSRs and non-resident interrupt service routines (in Russian).

DPMI Specs, etc.
dpmiv1.zip 29 DPMI spec.

Drivers for DOS (writing custom ones)
ddkit.zip 8 A Driver Development Kit. It consists of a few assembly file templates. A good start point.
driver.zip 126 A few drivers (including RAM drive). A few docs are included, all the sources are available. Everything is in Russian.

EGA, VGA and SVGA Docs
ega_vga.zip 137 A few docs about programming EGA and VGA cards (in Russian).
egavga.zip 138 A doc on programming EGA and VGA cards (in Russian).
tauron30.zip 138 Tauron utilities. Utilities show how to setup any standard VGA mode without calling BIOS services. Just a direct port I/O. Sample programs provided both for Turbo C and TASM.
vgadoc4b.zip 578 The great VGADOC. Includes info about VGA, SVGA (VESA, particular cards). Great thingy.
vgaguide.zip 257 Programmers Guide to PC(R) and PS/2(TM) Video Systems. Maximum Performance from EGA, VGA, HGC and MCG. By Richard Wilton.
vgag-src.zip 128 The companion disk for the Richard Wilton's book.
vbe3.zip 224 VESA BIOS EXTENSION (VBE) Core Functions Standard. Version: 3.0.

FAT and LFN Related Docs
fat_lfn.zip 103 Various specs and docs about FAT and Long File Names (Windows 9x). NOTE: includes official specifications from Microsoft.
glava11.zip 57 A doc about data recovey on FAT disks (in Russian).

FDC/FDD (Floppy) Programming Docs
floppy.zip 1016 A lot specs and docs on the subject, direct BIOSless I/O (both in English and Russian). Documentation from intel and some example programs included.
floppy2.zip 132 Yet another doc (HTML).
floppy3.zip 11 Examples (e.g. sources).

File Formats
coff.zip 15 COFF .O format description. This format is uor DOS.
elf.zip 102 ELF spec (PDF).
exe.zip 1 MSDOS EXE file description.
exeinfo.zip 7 MSDOS EXE file description.
gif.zip 35 GIF file format description (both in English and Russian).
lxexe.zip 20 Linear eXecutable Module Format Description.
objmod.zip 20 Relocable Object Module Format Spec (in Russian).
omf11g.zip 113 Relocable Object Module Format Specification 1.1 (Postscript).
pe.zip 112 Portable Executable (PE) file format by Microsoft (PDF). An example is included.
readobj.zip 16 A program that shows contents of an .OBJ (OMF) file.
ss0288.zip 58 Relocable Object Module Format Specification from Microsoft.

HDC/HDD (Hard Disk) Programming
hdd.zip 131 Various specifications and docs on HDD programming, direct BIOSless I/O (both in English and Russian).
nowhere.zip 91 A very nice doc about disk I/O, BIOS disk services and FAT.
hdd_part.zip 11 Hard disk partitioning. This doc provides basic information about disk partitioning (in Russian). Sample programs in Pascal and C are included.
ataf_ht.zip 64 ATA specs (HTML).
ataf_tx.zip 49 ATA specs (TXT).
eide.zip 70 IDE/ATA FAQs (both in English and Russian).
ide_ata.zip 38 IDE-ATA specs (both in English and Russian).

Hardware devices, chips, etc
kbd8242.zip 52 VT82C42 KEYBOARD CONTROLLER (PDF).
pic8259.zip 256 8259A PROGRAMMABLE INTERRUPT CONTROLLER (8259A/8259A-2) (PDF).
rtc82855.zip 66 VT 82855 REAL TIME CLOCK (PDF).
misc.zip 152 Docs about DMA, PIC and PIT, port lists (mostly in Russian).

i386, i387, i486 and Pentium Processors Programmer's Reference Manuals
i386.zip 232 Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual.
i386rus1.zip 107 Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual (in Russian).
i386rus2.zip 216 Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual (in Russian).
i387.zip 121 Intel 80387 Programmer's Reference Manual.
fpu.zip 8 My doc on i80387 FPU (in Russian).
copro16a.zip 75 Yet another doc on i80387 FPU.
i486rus1.zip 524 Intel 80486 Programmer's Reference Manual (in Russian).
24319002.zip 1590 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual Volume 1: Basic Architecture. 1999.
24319102.zip 3438 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference. 1999.
24319202.zip 3064 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual Volume 3: System Programming. 1999.

jourdain.zip 369 Programmer's Problem Solver for the IBM PC, XT & AT by Robert Jourdain (in Russian).

val.zip 112 V.A.L. - 8086 LINKER by David Troendle. Source code and documentation is included.

Mouse Programming (specs, docs)
mouse.zip 9 Description of serial mouse protocol and a sample program in Pascal working with mouse directly (note: doesn't work under Windows).
mousefaq.zip 8 A very nice mouse FAQ including info about protocols (in Russian).
mouseprotocols.zip 235 A great spec plus a few code snippets in C.
ps2mouse.zip 4 A very simple PS/2 mouse driver for DOS (asm source included for a86/a386 assembler).

Netwrok, protocols, etc.
net.zip 117 Network protocols (IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, UDP, etc) (mostly in Russian).
net2.zip 764 DP8390D/NS32490D NIC Network Interface Controller, writing drivers for it (3 PDFs).
ne2000.zip 589 NE2000 compatible RTL8019 Realtek Full-Duplex Ethernet Controller with Plug and Play Function (RealPNP) spec (PDF).
ipxsrc.zip 9 IPX network driver for Doom by id.
ipxstart.zip 58 Basic IPX network programming info and demos by D.Welch (asm/C).

Norton's Docs
ibmpc.zip 211 Inside the IBM PC. Access to advanced features and programming. By Peter Norton (in Russian).

OS development
os_book.zip 463 Realtime Operating Systems Concepts and Implementation of Microkernels for Embedded Systems by Dr. Jurgen Sauermann, Melanie Thelen.
vade_mecum_2.zip 1009 An Operating Systems Vade Mecum by Raphael A. Finkel.
mm.zip 1968 Yet another doc.

optimize.zip 488 A few docs about optimization.
pentium.zip 160 A huge collection of Pentium optimization docs.
allgems.zip 94 A collection of small optimization tips/tricks/samples.

Pascal Related Docs
bp70lr.zip 122 Borland Pascal 7.0 Language reference (in Russian).
bp7rtl.zip 453 RTL sources for BP 7.0
copascal.zip 57 Co-Pascal compiler for DEC VAX written with Borland/Turbo Pascal. The compiler also can interpret a program. All sources and executable are included.
docs.zip 2540 User's manuals for: Borland Pascal 7.0, Turbo Assembler, Turbo Debugger, Turbo Prifiler, Resource Workshop, other utils; Turbo Vision and Object Windows docs (in Russian).
f_lib.zip 135 A diskette with programs described in the "Programming Practice" book by V. Faronov (in Russian).
pas2.zip 36 Portable Pascal compiler source code, source code for assembler and pascal interpreter.
pas60pg.zip 204 A book on programming in Turbo Pascal 6.0 (in Russian).
pas60tvg.zip 242 A book on programming in Turbo Vision for Turbo Pascal 6.0 (in Russian).
tp50.zip 505 Turbo Pascal 5.0 user's guide (in Russian).
tp55oop.zip 81 Turbo Pascal 5.5 OOP guide (in Russian).
tp60ug.zip 209 Turbo Pascal 6.0 user's guide (in Russain).
tp70.zip 204 Turbo Pascal 7.0 user's guide (in Russian).
tp_prof.zip 232 A book about practical work with Turbo Pascal (based on Shildt's book) (in Russian).
turbo.zip 292 Turbo Pascal 6.0 TURBO.EXE sources. Doesn't work alone. You need other tools and RTL anyway.

pcgpe1.zip 746 The great PC Games Programmers Encyclopedy 1.0! Includes lots of info about game-specific programming (I/O devices, file formats, algorithms). Sample programs are available and written for Turbo Pascal 7.0 and TASM. Detailed: Assembly Tutorials; VGA/SVGA specs, Bresenham, 3d algorithms, texture mapping, fire and stars effects; PCX, BMP, GIF, IFF/LBM, FLI/FLC formats, PC speaker, AdLib, SoundBlaster, GUS; Mod, Voc, Wav, Midi formats; Mouse, Keyboard, Joystic; EMS, XMS, DMA; PIT; Doom techniques...

Protected Mode Related Docs, etc
i386.zip 232 Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual.
24319202.zip 3064 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual Volume 3: System Programming. 1999.
bsp_pmode.zip 231 An excellent book about PMode (in Russian).
bsp_pmode_disk.zip 134 Example programs for the book about PMode (Turbo C, TASM).
intel_pmode.zip 40 Protected Mode Programming for the intel386, intel486 and Pentium processors (from Intel).
pmtuts.zip 253 Protected Mode Tutorials in C & Asm by Alexei A. Frounze. Check these out.
lfbemu22.zip 29 LFBemu 2.2 is a Linear Frame Buffer (aka LFB) emulator for VESA 1.xx+ cards by Alexei A. Frounze. It emulates a contiguous linear frame buffer (usually available on VESA 2.xx+ - compatible graphics cards) by means of page translation mechanism of the i80386+ CPU. This mechanism makes it easy to avoid the annoying bank switching on old VESA 1.xx cards (and some new ones, which don't support VESA LFB for some weird reason). Check this one out, too.

Sound Blaster Docs
sbprog.zip 15 Programming the AdLib/SoundBlaster FM chips.

Serial I/O Related Docs
8250.zip 16 Description of the serial I/O chip (in Russian).
async1.zip 44 Low-level serial communication package for Turbo Pascal 5.0.
serial.zip 27 Programming the serial port (in Russian).
serial2.zip 203 Programming the serial port (HTML,PDF).
82c50a.zip 95 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter 82C50A (PDF).
tl16c450.zip 292 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter TL16C450 (PDF).
pc16550d.zip 279 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter PC16550D (PDF).
st16c650a.zip 262 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter ST16C650A (PDF).
uart_comparison.zip 72 A comparison of INS8250, NS16450 and NS16550AF Series of UARTs (PDF).

Unix related docs
unix.zip 417 The Design of the Unix Operating System by Maurice J. Bach (in Russian).

VCPI specs
vcpi.zip 14 VCPI specs.

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